The Ferrari 360 Modena stylized by Shalemar Sharbatly – Charity Stars

The Ferrari 360 Modena stylized by Shalemar Sharbatly. Charity Stars
The Ferrari 360 Modena stylized by Shalemar Sharbatly – Charity Stars

The famous Saudi Egyptian painter Shalamar Sharbatly has brought this Ferrari to a whole new level - an original creation in the purest Moving Art style. Born in Cairo in 1971 to an Egyptian mother and a Saudi father, Shalemar grew up among canvases, colors, beauty and art; she started painting at the age of 3. 

Ferrari 360 Modena by Shalemar - Make off from MONTE CARLO TRAVEL on Vimeo.


This Ferrari 360 Modena is located in Switzerland; it has 88.000km on the clock. Its value is estimated at €90.000 without considering the priceless artistic decoration that makes this particular model a unique work of art. The 360 Modena boasts a 400hp V8 engine with 3,6L capacity, flat plane crankshaft, and titanium connecting rods; it has a special 5-valve per cylinder technique and 6-speed "F1" electrohydraulic transmission. 


Five years ago, thanks to the friendship between Muhammad Ali and Andrea Bocelli, the "Celebrity Fight Night in Italy" was founded, which shares the aims of the US institution and also collects funds for the humanitarian and educational initiatives that the Andrea Bocelli Foundation organizes and supports, both in Italy and in Haiti. In the Caribbean, ABF has founded and supported - also thanks to "CFN in Italy" - hospitals, orphanages, schools, and in general a widespread empowerment action of people, providing education, food, health support, to over 2500 children every day.

The Celebrity Fight Night Foundation is a non-profit organization created 24 years ago in the United States to support the fight against disease and poverty. It raises funds for non-profit associations through a charity event involving the world's leading international celebrities of sport, cinema, music and entertainment. In particular, the Foundation has supported the Muhammad Ali Parkinson Center since its establishment at the Barrow Neurological Institute of Phoenix. Strongly desired by the legendary boxer to whom it is entitled, the center is a very modern structure that has been treating and monitoring Parkinson's disease for over twenty years, assisting over ten thousand patients annually.